exploring aluminum infused prints

Using extreme heat and special photographic transfer paper, archival dyes are infused directly into polished, coated aircraft grade aluminum sheets creating photographic prints with bright luminescence that invites you to step into the scene.


Their surfaces are very hard, scratch resistant and waterproof. I can testify to this, I was in a tent in a show in a wind storm and stuff was crashing all over. Nary a scratch happened on my aluminum prints, whew!


They come ready to hang due to a pre-installed lightweight float system, there is no need for framing or glass.


They can be hung just about anywhere because they are safe from water, humidity and many  other elements.


The colors are vibrant, you feel you are in the photo.


They can be cleaned with water or glass cleaner if they get dusty or smudged with finger prints.


Old fashioned that I am, I didn't think I'd be interested in these metal prints, but when I saw one I couldn't resist them, they took my breath away and I now have many in my collection.


Most of my photos can be infused into aluminum prints, feel free to contact me at

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