When I was a little girl, I spent as much time outside as possible to get away from a not real pleasant in-the-house atmosphere. I loved looking under rocks and things to see what lurked beneath. I spent hours on the little dock on the pond at the back of our property catching and studying all the water bugs I could catch. I loved walking along the ditch seeing the huge spiders in their webs in the weeds, always keeping my safe distance. I attribute my love of nature  (along with reading) to helping me survive my childhood.


 I liked photography too but didn’t know how passionate about it I was until I fell in love with sandhill cranes. I had to shoot them as much as possible, following them wherever they went. I realized I was crazy about capturing anything and everything in nature when the cranes went north to nest. I couldn’t get enough of nature, her plants, animals, rocks, everything. It dawned on me I love our creator’s creation and I wanted to shoot and share it with everyone. My slogan was I capture nature for your pleasure.


Although I’ve had a few physical challenges (stroke, hit by a hit and run driver while out walking, perforated bowel that gratefully was eventually reconstructed), being in nature and shooting her gifts keeps me going. I have a tremor in my right hand not connected to the stroke that makes shooting a bit challenging but I have to capture what I see. I’ve been fortunate to do some traveling and some following the cranes so I’ve had many wonderful photo taking opportunities. But I also enjoy capturing nature in my own neighborhood. I hope you know my heart and my gratitude for our creator’s creation are in every photo I take.


I’m a happy member of the Corrales Society of Artists and participate in Art in the Park and their other shows.

 © crane spirit photography, 2016


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